Hello CBA alumni and welcome to our newest addition to the CBA website: The Alumni Forum! We have created this page to encourage you to share opinions, memories, and musings of your experiences during your years at CBA and how these have shaped and impacted you since graduation. Our first installation comes to us from the talented pen of MC Antil ’72. MC recently made a trip back to CBA and was greatly moved by his visit. Please take some time to read MC’s post…it will undoubtedly strike a chord.

Share your story! Submissions may be sent to hkelley@cbasyracuse.org


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Unlocking the Past

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By M.C. Antil 31-9-35 A few months ago, as I was walking up the steps toward the front door of CBA – literally, the first time I had done so since my senior year of 1972 – those three numbers hit...
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