9th Grade

Congratulations! You and your child have successfully made the transition to high school! It is our mission to advise and counsel students in the areas of academic, career, personal and social development so they may reach their highest level of success at CBA and in life!

Guidance Activities

  • Academic Advising
  • Personal / Social Counseling
  • HS Planning Meetings with Parents & Students
  • PLAN Test – Practice exam for the ACT
    • 9th Grade Survey – Students reflect on their HS academic transition
    • Self-Assessment – Students reflect on their intrinsic qualities to help aid them in making better decisions regarding their goals and dreams; knowing what they want to do begins with knowing who they are
    • Career Interest Profiler / Holland Codes – Helps students align their interests with occupations they might like to explore; the more an occupation meets their interests, the more likely it is to be satisfying and rewarding
    • Resume – Students will begin tracking their extracurricular activities, volunteer service, and awards and certificates achieved during HS

Career Days

Students will investigate possible careers that may suit their personality and academic areas of interest. As a result of their findings, the students will participate in “brown bag” informal meetings, to speak with professionals who represent various occupations from 6 major areas of ‘career personality’ profiles*

  • Realistic

  • Investigative

  • Artistic

  • Social

  • Enterprising

  • Conventional