Code of Conduct


The athletic program of Christian Brothers Academy is an important and integral part of a student’s total educational experience. Athletes are the school’s most visible representatives and, as such, all involved must accept the responsibilities, rules, and regulations that are unique to an interscholastic athletic program. Our program places high expectations on athletes with regard to time, commitment, energy, and loyalty. They are expected to maintain and foster standards of behavior reflective of the opportunity to represent Christian Brothers Academy.

Students are considered athletes from the moment they begin practice with a CBA sponsored team. They are expected to observe these regulations from the first practice through graduation.

Participation in Interscholastic Athletics

Participation in interscholastic athletics and cheerleading is a privilege for CBA students. They, in turn, have a responsibility to themselves, their team, school, family, and community to maintain high standards of physical and mental fitness and citizenship. Please remember that joining an athletic team is a large commitment of not only the athlete’s time and efforts, but those of the athlete’s parents and/or guardians as well.

  1. In order to tryout, practice or participate in any sport a student must have a current physical (within twelve months of the sport season) on file in the nurse’s office. They must also submit a parent signed interval health form to the health office at the beginning of each sports season.
  2. Athletes must be in attendance at CBA for at least four class periods on the day of an event or practice in order to participate, unless excused by the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs. Athletes must also actively participate in their regularly scheduled physical education class or they may not participate in any CBA sponsored athletic activity on that day.
  3. Academic Eligibility – If a student is failing two or more courses at the time report cards are issued, the student is placed on academic probation. While on probation, students are allowed to practice with the team but may not compete in any games or scrimmages. An ineligible student will be re-evaluated when interim reports are issued. A student still failing two subjects will remain ineligible until the next report card. If a student is failing three or more subjects, they will be prohibited from participation in any form of extra-curricular activity. (See p. 5 Extracurricular Eligibility Policy)

Team Commitment

  1. Athletes are expected to attend all practices, meetings and contests involving his or her team. Failure to do so may result in suspension or dismissal from the team. Interscholastic sport teams in-season must have priority over club and recreational teams
  2. Athletes are expected to observe all regulations prescribed by their coaches as essential for the best interests of the team
  3. Equipment and uniforms issued to an athlete by the school are his or her direct responsibility. They are expected to exercise reasonable care toward these items,
    including locked storage whenever the equipment is not in use. Athletes will be billed for items lost, damaged, stolen, or misused.
  4. When CBA provides transportation, student athletes must travel to the event in the school designated vehicle. Exceptions must be covered by written request, with clearly identified parameters, from the parent to the coach or Athletic Director.

Training Regulations and Expectations

  1. Use of tobacco in any form, alcohol, drugs and performance enhancing substances present significant health risks for all students. CBA athletes are to refrain from the use, possession, buying, selling, or the giving away of the above mentioned items. Abusive use of legally obtained medication is also prohibited.
  2. Athletes are expected to comply with all training rules communicated verbally or in writing by their head coach.
  3. Athletes will not engage in activities or actions which bring discredit to the school program or team as determined by the coach, athletic director or principal.
  4. CBA athletes are expected to exhibit proper conduct regarding school authority and regulations. Acts of vandalism, thievery, and disrespect to authorities of the school and team will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Action

Infractions of the athletic code may result in probation, suspension or dismissal from a team at the discretion of school officials. Athletes may request a formal hearing regarding disciplinary action taken towards them. The request must be made in writing to the Athletic Director. A hearing panel will be formed consisting of some or all of the following: the Principal, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, and/or one or more coaches.

College Placement

Athletes are expected to develop their programs of study toward their particular interests and ambitions. The CBA Guidance Department is a valuable source of information for planning post high school experiences. Athletes are expected to become familiar with the department’s services by their junior year. Letters of recommendation are available from all CBA coaches. Athletes should notify
coaches at least two weeks in advance of the date such letters are needed.

Section Three Transfers

There are a number of rules and procedures regarding students who transfer from
another school. The entire manifest is available through the Athletic Director and should be thoroughly reviewed BEFORE transferring a student to avoid delays in participating on an athletic team at CBA. Transfer papers MUST be completed by the school that a student is PLANNING to attend with information from the student’s previous school. Be sure to provide time (about a month) for all paperwork to be processed by all parties.


CBA athletes have traditionally set a high standard for good sportsmanship, fair play, and exemplary behavior. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that reflects their LaSallian education and the morals and values of a student representing Christian Brothers Academy.