Participation in interscholastic athletics and cheerleading is a privilege for CBA students. They, in turn, have a responsibility to themselves, their team, school, family, and community to maintain high standards of physical and mental fitness and citizenship. Please remember that joining an athletic team is a large commitment of not only the athlete’s time and efforts, but those of the athlete’s parents and/or guardians as well.

  1. In order to tryout, practice or participate in any sport a student must have a current physical (within twelve months of the sport season) on file in the nurse’s office. They must also submit a parent signed interval health form to the health office at the beginning of each sports season.
  2. Athletes must be in attendance at CBA for at least four class periods on the day of an event or practice in order to participate, unless excused by the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs. Athletes must also actively participate in their regularly scheduled physical education class or they may not participate in any CBA sponsored athletic activity on that day.
  3. Academic Eligibility – If a student is failing two or more courses at the time report cards are issued, the student is placed on academic probation. While on probation, students are allowed to practice with the team but may not compete in any games or scrimmages. An ineligible student will be re-evaluated when interim reports are issued. A student still failing two subjects will remain ineligible until the next report card. If a student is failing three or more subjects, they will be prohibited from participation in any form of extra-curricular activity.