BrotherEvery person is called by God to do some work in the world. We grow in holiness by being attentive to His call, and by responding to it as best we can. The Catholic Church teaches that Almighty God calls each baptized person to one of four vocations: marriage, single life, ordained ministry, or the consecrated life. Each vocation has its own dignity and can be a pathway to holiness. At the same time, Christian tradition has always upheld the special dignity of consecrated celibacy and consecrated virginity. In light of this, Christian Brothers Academy makes a special effort to promote vocations to the Christian Brothers, to the diocesan priesthood, and to religious life for women. CBA is proud of its many graduates who have answered Christ’s call to serve the Church as brothers, sisters, priests or deacons. The links presented on this page should assist young people to discern Christ’s call.

Christian Brothers’ Contact Program

This program is designed to help a young man (ages 18-35) discern if Christ is calling him to serve the Church as a Christian Brother. The program has three components: retreats, spiritual mentoring, and summer ministry.

If you would like more information, please visit www.fscDENA.org/vocation


During the course of the academic year, opportunities will be made available to CBA students to participate in Vocation and Discernment retreats.

These retreats will be posted on the website as they are scheduled.