Be A Part of CBA’s Parents’ Club

CBA’s Parents’ Club welcomes you to the 2017-18 school year. As we embark on this new school year, we invite parents to be informed, stay connected and get involved. To see our events and become involved:  ANNUAL DUES   Pictured: Parents Club members assemble Christmas cookies for faculty and staff appreciation. Members of the Booster Club work the concession stand at Alibrandi Stadium.

Link to Booster Club page: .  

Parents of Talented Teens (PTT) at opening night of Spring Musical. Link to PTT:

Parents Club Officers

Moderator-Matt Keough 315-446-5960

President-Angie Sayles 315-761-5022

Vice President-Jennifer Schultz 315-278-1636

Secretary-Kathy Dempf-Aldric 315-415-6836

Treasurer-Kari Dalton  315-569-0033

Advisor-Jennifer 315-436-7688





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