For prospective 7th and 9th graders enrolling in the fall:

  • Take either entrance exam (1st or 3rd Saturday of November)
  • Submit completed Parent/Guardian and Student applications
  • Submit academic records of the prospective student from the
    current school year and last year.
  • All application paperwork and report cards must be submitted by Dec. 6, 2019. Entrance exam scores are sent directly to CBA from the testing company. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for consideration.

For prospective 8th and 10th graders enrolling in the fall:

  • Follow the same procedures and dates as above. However, there is no entrance exam required for these applicants. A very limited number of spaces may be open for these candidates.
  • All letters of decision will be mailed no later than Jan. 10, 2020. Please be advised that students cannot shadow and families cannot apply for financial aid/scholarship monies until students are accepted for admission.

Admissions Director
Mrs. Holly Dowd
315-446-5960 X1231

Admissions Video