Lasallian Legacy Society

Christian Brothers Academy Loftus Lasallian Legacy Society

“I was fortunate to receive an education at Christian Brothers Academy that was based in my Catholic faith, provided by professional, highly accredited instructors and oriented towards community service.
Jean and I feel that it is very important that we contribute so that young men and women might have the same opportunity and to ensure the preservation of Christian Brothers Academy for future generations.”

- Michael Loftus, Class of 1963

Christian Brothers Academy Alibrandi Lasallian Legacy Society

“Remembering CBA in my will provides a legacy that honors what matters most to me: the values-based education which established the knowledge, spirituality, and relationships which have guided me through a successful career, marriage, and family life.”

- Dr. Benedict Alibranti, Class of 1957

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The legacy of your philanthropy can touch the minds of generations of Brothers!

CBA offers you the opportunity to make a gift to the school that will benefit our students for the long term through planned giving. Below are a few of the options available to you.

Planned Giving Ideas

The Simplest Way: Through a will. A bequest in your will or living trust may be for a specific amount or asset, a percentage, a remainder or a contingency. It may memorialize a family member or the family name.

Guarantee Income

You can make a gift to CBA and receive guaranteed payments for the rest of your life with a charitable gift annuity.

Plan Retirement Income

You can create a charitable remainder trust and receive variable or fixed income for you and/or other loved ones. You can also delay the start of income to some point in the future.

Insure Your Legacy

Naming CBA the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy can generate an income tax deduction now for the cash value of the policy, and preserve your charitable legacy for later.

The Lasallian Legacy Society

The mission of the Lasallian Legacy Society is to ensure a CBA education for future Brothers through deferred gift plans.

The Society recognizes and thanks those alumni, parents, and friends who have planned a deferred gift to benefit CBA, and encourages others to consider similar plans.

You are invited to join the Lasallian Legacy Society if you have made an estate provision or life income gift. Society members serve as role models to other members of the CBA community as they confirm their gift plan with us and permit us to list their names on the Society roster. Members may share as much information on their plans with the school as they wish; all information shared is kept in strict confidence. Members may also elect to remain anonymous.

Current members of the Lasallian Legacy Society:

Dr. Carl Baum ’58 †

Mr. Daniel Byrne ’70

Mr. Michael Domaratz ’74

Mr. Michael Kearney ’71

Mr. Michael Loftus ’63

Mr. John Rulison ’68

Mr. Bernard Staub ’49 †

Dr. Benedict Alibrandi ’57

Mr. Joseph Bauer ’73

Mr. Joseph DiMento ’65

Ms. Chris Hanley

Hon John Lischak ’57

Mr. Walter Martineau ’46

Mr. Harry McCaffrey ’50

Mr. Richard Reschke ’48

Mr. Edward Ryan ’57

Mr. Fred Zuccala ’68

Mr. Michael Zaleski, Jr. †

Mr. John Vita ’50 †

Msgr. Robert Yeazel ’59

Mr. Robert Gang ’35

Mrs. Annemarie Mosley

Mr. John Sindoni, AFSC ’63

Mr. Paul Drescher

Mr. Robert Waters ’66

Mr. Ernest Etoll ’53

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pitonzo ’76

Mrs. Antoinette Pitonzo †


Mr. Ed Leone ’74

Mr. Norbert Nortz ’44 †

Mr. Leon Bill ’47 †


Mr. Richard Annese ’57 †

Mr. R. David Carhart ’48 †

Mr. Louis Pascarella ’48 †

Mr. L. William Eagan ’37 †

Msgr. William Young ’62

Mr. Raymond Heigle ’40 †

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jones ’42 †

Mr. & Mrs. James Carrick

Mr. Brian Kennedy ’76

Mr. Orie Egnoto ’64 †

Mr. W. Dennis Owen, AFSC ’44

Mr. Lawrence Ryan ’61

Steven Pickard ’98

Kristen Drescher Pickard ’99

Mr. John D. Murphy, Jr. ’77

Mr. Jan Klapetzky ’63


Fr. Charles Major ’51 †

Dr. Thomas Cadier ’62


Margaret Long †

Mrs. Louise Flynn

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bowser ’62

Mr. William R. Mowat†

Mr. Edward C. Kallfelz ’55†

Evelyn Zeller (husband Carl ’43) †

Dr. Ernest Fatta ’55

Bernard and Carol Atkinson ’50

Mr. Michael Falcone ’53


Mr. Thomas Croston ’82

Dr. Nicholas Markovitch ’66

Mr. William C. Dennis ’69

Mr. Patrick McAllister ’66

Mr. Richard Stempien ’71

Mrs. Mudite Paux†

Mr. Terrence O’Brien ’66

Dr. Michael Leone ’59

Please contact Annemarie Mosley at 315-446-5960 X1132 [email protected] to begin this process, to learn how easily a planned gift can be arranged, and how your generosity can be acknowledged.