Academic Support

christian brotherhood academy counseling and academic support

Academic Support

CBA has implemented several programs to support students’ academic growth and development, provide them with the necessary academic skills needed to be successful, and encourage independent learning. These programs include:

  • Support for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Support for students with Section 504 Plans
  • Access to a math support specialist
  • Access to an academic support interventionist
  • Academic Reinforcement Program
  • Peer Academic Study Support Program (Peer Tutoring)
  • Limited Classroom & Testing Accommodations (for students with IEPs & 504 plans)

Peer Tutoring

Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers after school for extra help whenever they are experiencing difficulty in any of their academic subjects. Peer tutoring is offered as needed to supplement classroom instruction in grades 7-12 during the student’s study hall period, before school, or after school. Tutoring is designed to offer students extra review as needed. Students may self refer, or be referred by teachers and/or parents. Tutors are chosen and trained by the school counselors.