Campus Ministry

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.

St. John Baptist de La Salle . . . Pray for us!

Live Jesus in our hearts . . . Forever!

This invocation is familiar to Lasallians - teachers, students, parents, alumni, and Brothers - in over eighty countries throughout the world, and it is recited during the school day in a multitude of languages. This prayer from St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, reminds us of our connection with God and God’s presence in our lives.

At CBA, a school-wide prayer begins the school day, and a moment of prayer and reflection begins each class period throughout the day. Other opportunities for prayer and reflection occur throughout the year including:

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is at the heart of what Christian Brothers Academy is all about: a Catholic faith community committed to following Jesus in the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle. In this tradition, students are afforded many unique opportunities to serve others.

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry invites and empowers the students of  CBA to live the message of Jesus Christ.  This is done through involvement in school liturgies, retreats, community-building activities, community outreach service opportunities, and working to bring about social justice.

Peer Ministry strives to make God’s love visible and active within the entire school community.

christian brothers academy peer ministry activities near syracuse ny

Each year there are about 85 Peer Ministers who help plan the Liturgies, plan and run the grade-level retreats, perform service work in the community, and educate the school community/run the drives which benefit different causes.

The selection process for Peer Ministry takes place following Spring Break.  Sophomores and Juniors may apply. The selection process is completed by the end of May.

There are five offices of Peer Ministry

Office of Spiritual Life

Promote the continuing spiritual growth of the student body through Eucharistic liturgies and prayer services.  The office is responsible for offering sacramental experiences and prayer opportunities for the community.

Office of Social Justice

Respond in Gospel charity to the world community through social outreach programs.  The office is responsible for heightening awareness, educating the student body, and organizing action on behalf of justice and charity.

Office of Christian Formation

Focus on the formation of the student body with a special emphasis on retreats.  The office is responsible for helping the student body grow in their faith and for building community with inclusion of all CBA students.

Office of Community Outreach

Reach out to others who may be in need.  The office is responsible for designing service activities/community outreach activities throughout the year.  They also assist the Office of Social Justice with fundraisers.

Office of Lasallian Connections

The role of this office is to grow in Association with other Lasallian Ministries in the District of Eastern North America & Beyond.

The Executive Board of Peer Ministry consists of senior leaders from each of the five offices.  They are trained at a retreat over the Summer and meet regularly throughout the year.  Two seniors are Student Coordinators and oversee all five offices.


As part of a Catholic, Lasallian ministry, the service program at Christian Brothers Academy is directly influenced by the belief that service, faith, and justice are inextricably linked. Christian service is not just an accumulation of hours - but rather a process of preparation, action, and reflection.

Through the service program, students will have the opportunity to develop new talents and commit to projects they are passionate about.

Lasallian Service Groups

The Lasallian Service Groups for Junior and Senior High at CBA are organized to incorporate faith, community and service into student life. Through participation in service projects both in and out of school, and by learning about the importance of reaching out to others, students learn to make a difference in their world.


As a requirement for graduation, each senior is expected to complete a minimum of 32 hours of Christian service to people in need. CBA engages its students in service opportunities that help make a positive impact in and around Syracuse.

Each student is allowed to choose an area of service that fits his/her particular interest. Students have performed service at various elementary schools, the Samaritan Center, Senior Centers and Nursing Homes, Meals on Wheels, the Rescue Mission, Francis House, Syracuse Challenger Baseball, Catholic Charities, Ronald McDonald House, just to name a few.