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“We, who are many, are one body in Christ.” — Romans 12:5

The Campus Ministry Office at Christian Brothers Academy strives to provide for the ongoing spiritual development of all members of the CBA community including students, faculty, parents, and alumni. The spiritual life of Christian Brothers Academy is based on the gospel message of Jesus Christ and all the components of the Campus Ministry program follow the tradition of the Catholic Church and the charism of our founder, St. John Baptist de la Salle.

Campus Ministry is made up of three components with an ongoing focus that…


  • The knowledge of our faith is transmitted via the theology classes offered by the Religious Studies Department. All students are required to take religion class each academic year. The focus of each grade is:

    • 7th grade: Basics of the Faith
    • 8th grade: Introduction to Morality
    • 9th grade: God, Salvation History, & Hebrew Scriptures
    • 10th grade: Christian Scriptures
    • 11th grade: Morality
    • 12th grade: Catholic Faith & Lifestyles
  • The second component encompasses prayer, liturgies, retreats, penance services, and vocation awareness for both faculty/staff and students.

    • Prayer is an integral part of each day. The school day begins with morning prayer over the public address system, read by students. A prayer reflection sets the tone for the day. In addition, every class period begins with the reminder that “We are in the Holy presence of God”. Jesus Christ is the reason for the existence of Christian Brothers Academy. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes. He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students. It is essential that we remain grounded in prayer. Faculty prayer gatherings are held occasionally in the chapel for all who wish to gather their thoughts for the day. The chapel is always open and welcoming to anyone who wishes to spend time there. Special prayer sessions are held during exam weeks and at many times throughout the year.
    • The liturgies during the year arranged for the entire student body include:

    +   Mass of the Holy Spirit  (September)
    +   All Saints’ Day (November)
    +   The Immaculate Conception (December)
    +   Catholic Schools week/beginning of second semester (end of January)
    +   Ash Wednesday (February or March)
    +   Holy Week  (March or April)
    +   The Feast of the Ascension (May)
    +   The Feast of St. LaSalle (April or May)

    There are also special-event liturgies during the year:

    +   Faculty Back-to-School (September)
    +   All Souls Alumni Memorial (November)
    +   Mother-Son Communion Breakfast (December)
    +   Father-Daughter Communion Breakfast (May)
    +   7th Grade Grandparents Mass and Breakfast (May)
    +   8th Grade Moving-up Mass and Celebration (May)
    +   Baccalaureate (June)
    +   First Fridays of each month

    Retreat days are held for each grade level on a regular basis and include leaving campus and spending the day at a retreat center.  Each grade level has a theme which is pertinent to the developmental issues of the students.

    Grade 7 Building Community February
    Grade 8 Self Discovery/Identity December
    Grade 9 Service in the community March
    Grade 10 Relationships October
    Grade 11&12 Boys KAIROS November overnight
    Grade 11&12 Girls KAIROS April overnight
    CBA Moms Varying themes February
    Faculty Lasallian Formation October


    • Opportunities for reconciliation/confession are available twice a year.  During Advent and Lent, priests avail themselves to hear individual confessions.
    • Vocation awareness is promoted at CBA.  Visiting Brothers and Sisters, as well as the Director of Vocation Promotion for the Syracuse Diocese, speak to the Religion classes about ways our students can grow to be the people they were created to be and ways to experience the fullness of life intended for them by their Creator.
  • This is the service component of CBA reflected in the activities and projects of Lasallian Youth and Peer Ministry.

     Lasallian Youth
    The Lasallian Groups at CBA are organized to incorporate faith, community, and service into student life.  Through participation in service projects both in and out of school, and by learning about the importance of reaching out to others, students learn how to make a difference in their world.

    John Baptist de La Salle insisted that the young people with whom he worked should bear each others’ concerns.  Those who were brighter were to tutor those who experienced some difficulty.  Those who had food should share with those who were lacking.  In the 1960’s a movement began in Spain, and spread throughout the Continent, and then to wherever the Brothers were found.  This movement began among the students themselves, and came to be called Lasallian Youth.

    Junior High Lasallian is open to all seventh and eighth grade students.  They participate in various projects throughout the year which benefit different community agencies.  Senior High Lasallian is open to all high school students.  Senior High Lasallian students participate in service projects at off-campus sites such as the Samaritan Center, the Salvation Army, and senior citizen centers.  In addition to direct service, members of the Lasallian Youth Group help our junior and senior Peer Ministers with school-wide collections and projects.  Projects include Christmas collections for local needs, a Lenten mission collection, and emergency relief projects.

    Students may sign up for Lasallian any time during the year.  Announcements of meetings and events are made during homeroom and posted in Campus Ministry.

    Mrs. Marijane Finlay (Jr. and Sr. High Lasallian)