Counseling Services

We strive to provide you with up to date information that you can use throughout this educational journey at CBA.

Counseling services at all grade levels promote the academic, personal, and social development of all our students. As an essential part of the instructional program at Christian Brothers Academy, school counseling assists in helping to build a strong foundation for student learning and academic success, along with providing an environment where our students can thrive while acquiring strong leadership skills.


All students and families are encouraged to use Family Connection by Naviance. Each user must have a separate email address so that you will have access to all of the programs in Naviance and the Christian Brothers Academy newsletter. Click here to visit Naviance.You can also access Naviance from this section’s navigation menus, the home page of the website or at the bottom of every page.

Visit Naviance frequently to view updates regarding college admissions visits to CBA and the latest scholarship offerings. You can conduct a college search, view career information, find college matches, practice for the PSAT and SAT by using the SAT Method Prep module, and complete a learning styles inventory along with a personality inventory. Naviance also offers a link to the Common Application.

Peer Tutoring

Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers after school for extra help whenever they are experiencing difficulty in any of their academic subjects. Peer tutoring is offered as needed to supplement classroom instruction in grades 7-12 during the student’s study hall period, before school, or after school. Tutoring is designed to offer students extra review as needed. Students may self refer, or be referred by teachers and/or parents. Tutors are chosen and trained by the school counselors.

Click here for Counseling Staff

Mrs. Kathleen Hanson
Director of Counseling Center
Counselor (11 & 12)

Mr. Christopher Dopkowski
Counselor (11 & 12)

Mrs. Valerie Stedman  Counselor (9 & 10)

Ms. Sarah Moran   Counselor (7 & 8)

Mr. David Marshall Academic Intervention Specialist