Construction To Begin On Stadium Turf And Track

Construction To Begin On Stadium Turf And Track brothers new stadium near syracuse ny

President Matt Keough announced on Wednesday that the turf field at Alibrandi Stadium will be replaced, and the outdoor track will be fully renovated.

The turf will be A-Turf, the most technologically advanced turf system.  Refortan, a world-wide leader in track construction, has been selected for the track project. Construction will begin in June.

“Throughout the past 12 months, our research and design team reviewed various proposals and consulted with several experts, including orthopedic specialists, to ensure that the design and product specifications meet our goal - an exceptional and safe playing surface. This project impacts nearly all of CBA students by upgrading the playing surface for our athletic teams and supporting the programming within our Physical Education Department,” Keough said.

The new outdoor track will be named after longtime CBA track and cross-country coach Jerry Riordan. coming this fall to christian brothers academy founded 1900 Construction To Begin On Stadium Turf And Track

“Throughout the 1970’s and 80s, Coach Riordan had a transformative impact on his runners and CBA is proud to forever recognize his contributions in this way,” Keough shared.

In 2009, CBA completed the capital campaign, “To Be the Best.” This hugely successful campaign significantly increased the school’s endowment, providing essential resources in the form of need-based financial aid for students. In addition, the campaign funded the construction of two synthetic turf fields and a new outdoor track. 

“Synthetic turf fields and outdoor tracks have a lifespan of approximately 12 to 15 years. Through consistent maintenance, we are proud that our initial investment in 2009 has been maximized,” Keough said.

The projects will have no impact on tuition and CBA will incur no long-term debt. They will be funded completely through the generosity of donors and from prudent savings and planning over the past several years. The main stadium and track will be completed by September 2024. The lower turf field will be completed in the summer of 2025 to allow for its continued use for summer programming and practices during the upcoming months.