Science Olympiad Team Advances To State Tournament

science olympiad team advances to state tournament image of 52 students

Pictured front row (l-r):  Anna Chiodi, Emily Tymkiw, Allison Sullivan, Soren Kang, Leah Hromalik, Jessica Khairallah, Janie Kang, and Isabella Lance. Back row (l-r): Ryan Bannon, Liana Thomas, Luke Snyder, Razi Marshall, Max Lachut, Zachariah Straight, Nicholas Sheldon, Michael Schiano, Allie Mancini, Andy Truong.  

CBA's Science Olympiad team placed seventh overall out of 52 teams at the New York State Science Olympiad Midstate Regional Competition last weekend.

The team will now compete at the State Tournament in March. It is the sixth time that the CBA Science Olympiad team has advanced to State competition.  

Winners Included

Second Place: Emily Tymkiw and Ryan Bannon - Engineering CAD;  Emily Tymkiw and Liana Thomas- Scrambler; Janie Kang and Jessica Khairallah- Ecology

Third Place: Razi Marshall and Michael Schiano- Disease Detectives

Fifth Place: Razi Marshall and Allie Mancini-Microbe Mission; Ryan Bannon and Andy Truong-Flight

Seventh Place: Zachariah Straight and Nicholas Sheldon-Tower

Eighth Place: Anna Chiodi-Ecology

Ninth Place: Janie Kang and Jessica Khairallah-Geologic Mapping; Luke Snyder and Soren Kang-Optics; Soren Kang and Andy Truong-Air Trajectory; Ryan Bannon and Allison Sullivan-Robot Tours

Thirteenth Place: Leah Hromalik and Isabella Lance-Microbe Mission

Fourteenth Place: Max Lachut, Emily Tymkiw, and Allie Mancini-Experimental Design; Ryan Bannon and Zachariah Straight-Wind Power