Welcome Back CBA Students

welcome back cba students image of school bus and happy students walking to school

Students returned to school on Friday, Sept. 8 for a half-day orientation session.

The building was bustling with activity. After a school-wide assembly in which President Matt Keough welcomed the student body, students had class meetings, took their photos for the yearbook, gathered for prayer at the Grotto, participated in a service project and a class unity activity.

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In addition, Bruce Williams '06 addressed each class and reflected on his experiences at CBA, and how it shaped him both personally and professionally.

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Seventh graders and transfer students were acclimated to school on Thursday for an orientation session.

Seventh graders were welcomed by Sara George, Assistant Principal and Dean for the Junior High. The seventh graders went on a scavenger hunt and learned how to navigate MyCba. Upperclassmen took the seventh graders on a tour of the school and were introduced to administrators, faculty and staff. 

Kate Radford and Harriet Dweh led the transfer students in a powerpoint presentation on “What is means to be Lasallian.” The new students then took a tour of the school, and were introduced to administrators, faculty and staff and also learned all there is to know about MyCba. Kayla Cecelia and Aubrey Vicentini went over expectations during school Masses. Riley Clemons-Butenko and Hunter Payne led an informational session on procedures during lunch. 

welcome back cba students image of students having orientation at cba

Approximately 30 current students came back to school a day early to assist with today’s orientation.

The first full-day of classes was Monday, Sept. 11.