Model UN Team Wins Distinguished Delegation Award

Model UN Team Wins Distinguished Delegation Award near syracuse ny image of students photo with award

Pictured (l-r): Mikhail Kabunov, Declan Reed, Zachariah Straight, Sophia Bayardi, Max Lachut, Gabriel Yang, Ryan Storie, Margaret Kuehner, Sean Cavanaugh, Nguyen Bui, and Finn Doyle.

The Model UN team won the Distinguished Delegation Award, which goes to the school scoring the most points in their respective committees, at the MUN Conference hosted by Manlius Pebble Hill on Oct. 29.

Members of the CBA Model UN team include: Nguyen Bui, Sean Cavanaugh, Zachariah Straight, Margaret Kuehner, Ryan Storie, Gabe Yang, Mikhail Kabunov, Sophia Bayardi, Declan Reed, Max Lachut, and Finn Doyle.

The day-long event focused on “Young Leaders”. Delegates represented countries in the committees of Disarmament and International Security, World Health Organization, General Assembly, UNICEF, Security Council, and The Executive Council of the National Security Council. The conference was attended by 14 regional high schools and approximately 185 students participated.

In addition, Kabunov won the Andrea Danial Award for Diplomacy; Reed received the Baxter Ball Book Award; Bayardi won the Best New Delegate Award; and Lachut and Doyle received the Jeffrey Mangram Award for Public Speaking.