Science Olympiad Team Places Third At Meet; Earns State Championship Invite

The CBA Science Olympiad team finished in 3rd place out of 34 teams in the Midstate Science Olympiad Tournament at LeMoyne College on Jan. 21 and earned an invite to the State Championship (one of five teams to earn an invite).

Fifteen students competed and placed in various categories.

Second Place Finishers

Disease Detectives: Michael Schiano ’24 and Razi Marshall ‘24

Chemistry Lab: Blake Savage ’23 and Max Lachut ‘24

Environmental Chemistry: Blake Savage ’23 and Alexandra Mancini ‘24

Third Place Finishers

Astronomy: Thomas Leskoske ’23 and Luke Snyder ‘25

It’s About Time: Luke DeLorenzo ’23 and Sravan Kodali ‘23

Rock & Minerals: Aeryn Hood ’24 and Janie Kang ‘25

Fourth Place Finishers

Detector Building: Sravan Kodali ’23 and Razi Marshall ‘24

Sixth Place Finishers

WiFi Lab:  Sravan Kodali’ 23 and Razi Marshall ‘24

Seventh Place Finishers

Anatomy & Physiology: Aeryn Hood ’24 and Razi Marshall ‘24

Cell Biology: Max Lachut ’24 and Alexandra Mancini ‘24

Write It Do It: Aeryn Hood ’24 and Emily Tymkiw ‘24

Eighth Place Finishers

Trajectory: Thomas Leskoske ’23 and Luke De Lorenzo ‘23

Ninth Place Finishers

Dynamic Planet: Janie Kang ’25 and Aeryn Hood ‘24

Tenth Place Finishers

Scrambler: Emily Tymkiw ’24 and Luke DeLorenzo ‘23